About us

KUPO Optics was founded in 1992, aiming at offering the finest quality of optical coatings and filters. Thanks to uncompromising to the product criteria, we have been established an excellent reputation in professional optical filter industry.

State-of-the-art Facilities

We keep investing in the state-of-the-art production equipment including planetary coating, accurate linear and laser cutting machine, high resolution spectrometers and the likes. Those advanced facilities makes filters and coatings perfectly and precisely.


Wide Range Applications

KUPO Optics manufactures optical filters and coatings for wide range of application including medical, fluorescence, machine vision, astronomy, defense systems, entertainment, and more.


Flexibility and Customization

We stock abundant and diverse filter inventory to fulfill rush order. Our experienced R&D team is also happy to provide customized filters that meet your most demanding requirements.


KUPO Dichroic Filter

KUPO optical filters are renowned for their precision and constituency due to the excellent work of our coating chambers with planetary revolution and the assistance of the Ion Assistant Deposition (IAD). Base on MIL-M-13508C regulations, the rigorously strict manufacturing process creates filters that strongly resist the damage from abrasion, humidity, and flaking. The performance never degrades.

Our procedures are completely in accordance with the ISO 9001 to ensure quality uniformity, making filter at narrow tolerance, within ±1.5% at T50%. KUPO Optics is dedicated in pursuing the visualization of any possibilities through continuous research and development. We are relentless in our commitment to provide quality products and better service to our customers.

We dedicates ourselves to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction. Please contact us if you have any inquiries, your requests are always welcome and will be addressed as soon as possible.


Honeycomb Louvers

Honeycomb louver is an essential accessory for lighting system, used to reduce the glare from normal viewing angle.

Made of aluminum foil with hexagon shape, it is a shield to prevent dazzle of illuminator. Whether you are a lighting designer or a lighting manufacturer, we are able to provide honeycomb louvers with customized thickness and size. Also, there are many mesh sizes available. Cooperating with different thickness, you will easily get satisfying cut-off angle and glare reducing result. 
Moreover, in order to make it suitable for the light sources that generates higher working heat, we also provide the louvers with black painting that makes the heat resistance up to 800 Celsius degree. (general heat resistant is 250 Celsius degree).
KUPO Dichroic/ Honeycomb Louvers


● Dazzle reduction
● Light weight
● Control the light path

General Specification

● RoHS Certified
● Material: Aluminum Foil
● Color: Black or Silver


● Accurate forming and cutting
● Heat resistance of 250°C / 800°C
● Excellent moisture and corrosion resistance
● Good flatnessHigh strength-to-weight ratio
● High thermal conductivity
● Flame resistant
● Excellent bonding strength
● Good consistency of black painting
● No fading under UV illumination