Honeycomb Louvers

KUPO Dichroic's honeycomb louvers represent an innovative solution in the realm of professional lighting, expertly crafted to enhance the visual comfort and aesthetic appeal of any space. These louvers, constructed from lightweight yet sturdy aluminum foil, are meticulously designed to minimize glare and dazzle, ensuring a pleasant lighting experience. Available in versatile black and silver color options, they seamlessly integrate into various design schemes, providing both functionality and style.
These honeycomb louvers stand out for their precise control over light direction, attributed to their hexagonal structure and customizable cell sizes. This design feature allows for tailored light dispersion, catering to specific lighting needs and preferences. Additionally, their high heat resistance, up to 250°C, with options for black painting extending up to 800°C, makes them ideal for environments with high-heat light sources. Compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive, they also uphold environmental and safety standards.
KUPO Dichroic's commitment to quality and customization is evident in these louvers. They offer a range of cut-off angles and maintain a high open area percentage, ensuring effective light transmission. Their robust construction guarantees moisture and corrosion resistance, while the exceptional thermal conductivity aids in cooling the lighting system, enhancing overall performance and longevity. Ideal for a variety of applications, from stage lighting to architectural settings, these honeycomb louvers are a testament to KUPO Dichroic's dedication to advancing lighting technology and design.
KUPO Dichroic/ Honeycomb Louvers


● Dazzle reduction
● Light weight
● Control the light path

General Specification

● RoHS Certified
● Material: Aluminum Foil
● Color: Black or Silver


● Accurate forming and cutting
● Heat resistance of 250°C / 800°C
● Excellent moisture and corrosion resistance
● Good flatnessHigh strength-to-weight ratio
● High thermal conductivity
● Flame resistant
● Excellent bonding strength
● Good consistency of black painting
● No fading under UV illumination