Hot Mirrors

Hot mirrors is able to reflect near infrared (NIR) while transmits great amount of visible light. With this feature, hot mirror is a great solution to protect components against the damage by the heat.
Near infrared is the source of the heat. Some components that are sensitive to infrared will be damaged after being exposed to infrared for a long time. In order to protect those components, placing a filter that blocks IR is the solution.
On the other hand, with heat reflection feature, placing a hot mirror in front of a light source is able to reduce the heat distribute to the environment. Take spot light for example, placing a hot mirror in front of the light source, the person who is standing in front of spot light will feel comfortable as less heat is transmitted.
KUPO Dichroic/ Hot Mirrors


● Perfect piece-to-piece, batch-to-batch consistency
● Excellent visible light transmission
● Infrared reflection

Examples of Applications

● Projection System
● Illumination System
● Art Gallery
● Photographic and Film Apparatus

General Specification

● Spectral Tolerance: +/- 10nm at designated wavelength
● Available Substrate: See Glass Substrates under Products Page
● Humidity, Adhesion, and Abrasion: MIL-M-13508C