UV / IR Cut Off Filters

KUPO Optics' UV/IR Cut Off Filters are a paradigm of optical excellence, designed to masterfully balance the need for bright, clear illumination while safeguarding against the harmful effects of ultraviolet and infrared radiation. These state-of-the-art filters boast an impressive capability to transmit an average of 96% of visible light, making them a cornerstone in applications that demand the highest quality of light transmission. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these filters effectively block both UV and IR wavelengths, ensuring that only the desired spectrum reaches the target, thereby protecting sensitive components and materials from potential damage.
The filters' construction is a testament to KUPO Optics' commitment to quality and consistency. Each unit is produced with an unwavering standard, ensuring piece-to-piece and batch-to-batch uniformity, a critical factor in professional settings where consistent light quality is paramount. This level of precision is further enhanced by the filters' superior resistance to environmental factors, underscored by their compliance with MIL-M-13508C standards for humidity, adhesion, and abrasion.
Ideal for a diverse range of applications, from projection systems and illumination setups to the delicate environments of art galleries and photographic studios, KUPO's UV/IR Cut Off Filters excel in scenarios where the dual challenge of bright illumination and protective measures against UV and IR exposure is present. Their integration into optical systems ensures that artwork remains unaltered in its visible display, cameras and films are shielded from damaging radiation, and all components within projection systems are protected from heat damage. KUPO Optics' UV/IR Cut Off Filters are not just a product; they are a promise of performance, reliability, and enduring quality, ensuring that light is always in its best form. 

The Applications of UV / IR Cut Off Filters

UV/IR cut off filters are specialized optics that simultaneously block both ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) wavelengths, effectively isolating the visible light spectrum for varied applications. This dual blocking capability is critical in protecting sensitive sensors and materials from the potential damage and interference caused by UV and IR radiation. Tailored for precision and protection, these filters serve a myriad of purposes across industries such as digital imaging, machine vision, photography, and scientific research, playing a key role in technological advancement and process optimization.
In the realm of photography, UV/IR cut off filters are indispensable for preventing the color shift caused by UV and IR contamination. By ensuring that only visible light reaches the camera sensor, these filters help in capturing images with accurate color rendition, critical for professional photographers striving for authenticity in their work. They also protect the sensor and lens from the degradative effects of UV and IR exposure, preserving the equipment's longevity.
Machine Vision
Machine vision systems rely on UV/IR cut off filters to deliver precise imaging needed for inspection and automation tasks. These filters are used to prevent IR and UV light from skewing color measurements, which is vital for applications that depend on color accuracy, such as product sorting or quality assurance in manufacturing environments. By eliminating spectral contamination, these filters ensure the integrity and repeatability of machine vision analyses.
Stage Lighting
Stage lighting designers utilize UV/IR cut off filters to manage the heat and UV exposure produced by powerful lights, thus protecting performers and materials. By cutting off non-visible wavelengths, these filters reduce the risk of heat damage to set pieces and costumes while minimizing potential health hazards associated with UV radiation, all without affecting the vibrant and dynamic lighting effects crucial to a performance.
Scientific Instruments
Scientific instrumentation that requires precise spectral analysis, such as spectrometers and telescopes, benefits from UV/IR cut off filters to prevent extraneous wavelengths from affecting measurements. These filters play a vital role in various research scenarios, from examining the chemical composition of substances to capturing high-definition telescopic images, where accurate color representation is essential.
Security Systems
Security cameras equipped with UV/IR cut off filters provide sharper and clearer images by eliminating the blurring and focus issues that can arise from IR and UV radiation. Particularly for systems that operate both in daylight and nighttime conditions, these filters are important for maintaining high image quality while also allowing for suitable adaptation to low-light imaging when required.
Display Systems
In display technologies such as digital projectors and signage, UV/IR cut off filters protect the systems from the potential overheating and photodegradation effects of IR and UV rays. Filters ensure that only visible light is used, which contributes to the preservation of image quality and extends the lifespan of the display units.
Aerospace and Defense
In aerospace and defense, high-precision optical devices require UV/IR cut off filters for accurate and dependable operation. These filters protect sensitive components from harsh environmental conditions, ensuring that equipment such as navigation systems, targeting devices, and reconnaissance sensors perform optimally in diverse and challenging scenarios.
In essence, UV/IR cut off filters are composite solutions to complex optical challenges in multiple technological sectors. Their ability to isolate the visible spectrum while mitigating the undesirable effects of UV and IR light is vital for both protecting sensitive photonic instruments and ensuring the fidelity of captured images or data. As technological demands grow, the pivotal role of UV/IR cut off filters continues to expand, reinforcing their importance as a cornerstone in the development of sophisticated optical applications.
KUPO Dichroic/ UV / IR Cut Off Filters


● Perfect piece-to-piece, batch-to-batch consistency
● Excellent visible light transmission
● Reflect IR and block UV

Examples of Applications

● Projection System
● Illumination System
● Art Gallery
● Photographic and Film Apparatus

General Specification

● Spectral Tolerance: +/- 10nm at designated wavelength
● Available Substrate: See Glass Substrates under Products Page
● Humidity, Adhesion, and Abrasion: MIL-M-13508C