We offers dichroic filters coated with hard dielectric thin-films. The dielectric thin-films filter out the unwanted regions of visible spectrum and let the light of certain wavelength transmit so that you will see different colors when light passing through the dichroic filter.
Planetary-runningcoating machine lets thin-films evenly attach to the glass substrate which guarantees consistency of optical specification from different pieces and different batches.
With Ion Assistant Deposition (IAD), the thin-films will firmly attach to the glass substrates with great density which makes the filters greatly resistant to the environmental degradation.
There are over 70 colors available which offers flexibility for you to choose the most suitable one for you.
For your unique project we are able to develop the required color as well.
KUPO Dichroic/ Master of Wavelength Control


● Perfect piece-to-piece, batch-to-batch consistency
● Pure, intense, true-to-life color
● Great resistance against UV and heat (Compared to gel)
● Great endurance to environmental degradation

Examples of Application

● Stage Lighting
● Architectural Lighting
● Projection System
● Fluorescence Microscopy

General Specification

● Spectral Tolerance: +/-3nmat T50%
● Available Substrate: See Glass Substrates under Products Page
● Humidity, Adhesion, and Abrasion: MIL-M-13508C