Diffusion Panel for ARRI SkyPanel LED Lights

KUPO Dichroic's BREWSTER Diffusion Panels, tailored for ARRI SkyPanel LED lights, are an innovative solution for lighting professionals seeking to soften the inherent harshness of LED illumination. Understanding the challenges posed by LED hot spots, our diffusion panels are expertly crafted from high-quality Acrylic material, ensuring not only durability but also exceptional light distribution. These panels transform the concentrated LED output into a homogenous beam, enhancing the overall lighting quality with a gentle, glare-free glow.

Our BREWSTER Diffusion Panels offer a spectrum of diffusion levels, from subtle to more pronounced effects, accommodating a wide range of creative needs and scenarios. Whether it's the subtle nuances required in an art gallery setting or the demanding rigors of film production, these panels provide unmatched versatility. The distinct texture on one side of the panel efficiently diffuses the light, while the smooth reverse side maintains the panel's integrity and ease of handling. Additionally, the high temperature resistance of these panels significantly reduces the risk of distortion, ensuring consistent performance even under intense lighting setups.

The adaptable nature of the BREWSTER panels, available in various sizes and customizable options, makes them a perfect fit for different ARRI SkyPanel models and unique lighting requirements. Adhering to the rigorous MIL-M-13508C standard, these panels are a testament to KUPO Dichroic's commitment to quality, offering a blend of aesthetic enhancement and practical functionality. For lighting professionals looking to elevate their LED lighting setup, KUPO's BREWSTER Diffusion Panels present a superior choice, blending innovation with reliability.

KUPO Dichroic Diffusion Panel for ARRI SkyPanel LED Lights

Diffusion Panel for ARRI SkyPanel LED Lights

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BREWSTER Diffusion Panels create a softer glow and reduce glare for ARRI SkyPanel LED lights.


In recent times, LED lighting has emerged as the predominant choice in various lighting applications. However, one common challenge with LED lighting is the creation of bright, concentrated spots which can be harsh and uncomfortable to the human eye. To address this, KUPO Dichroic's BREWSTER Diffusion Panels are ingeniously designed. Crafted from durable, high-quality Acrylic, these panels expertly diffuse the focused intensity of ARRI SkyPanel LED lights, ensuring an evenly distributed and softer beam of light. This results in a more uniform and visually comfortable lighting output, enhancing both the aesthetic and functional aspects of LED illumination.

More light diffusion options from us mean fewer design problems for you.

Different levels also help maximize your fixture’s performance

  • KUPO Dichroic's BREWSTER Diffusion Panels are expertly designed to seamlessly mask LED hot spots, ensuring an optimal balance between concealing these intense areas and maintaining robust light transmission. The panels significantly enhance light uniformity across the lens, leading to a more consistent light projection. Their design also includes a heightened resistance to temperature, substantially reducing the likelihood of distortion caused by temperature-induced hot spots. This feature ensures that the lighting remains stable and uniform, even under varying thermal conditions.

KUPO Dichroic Diffusion Panel for ARRI SkyPanel LED Lights

We provide a variety of standard sizes suitable for ARRI SkyPanel LED lights and the likes, and we can customize the sizes according to different applications of customers.

Nine Levels of Light Diffusion

Item No. Transmission
KDF-B1 95%
KDF-B5 91%
KDF-B7 86%
KDF-B9 81%
KDF-B11 76%
KDF-B12 71%
KDF-B13 66%
KDF-B14 61%
KDF-B15 56%
*Customized Design is available.
KUPO Dichroic Diffusion Panel for ARRI SkyPanel LED Lights


Metarial Appearance Beam Angle Temperature Life
Acrylic(PMMA) One side is textured, and the other is smooth 35° – 150° 100℃
5 years

Dimension Parameter

Size(mm) →
Thickness ↓
1265 x 2485 1325 x 2455 1315 x 2565 1555 x 1775 1635 x 1835 1965 x 2055 1635 x 2395 1565 x 2545 2085 x 2605 1625 x 3145 1935 x 2575 2085 x 3085
2.0 mm                  
2.5 mm            
2.8 mm
3.0 mm

Size(mm) →
Thickness ↓
1255 x 2475 1315 x 2475 1305 x 2555 1545 x 1765 1545 x 1765 1955 x 2045 1625 x 2385 1555 x 2535 2075 x 2595 1615 x 3135 1925 x 2565 2075 x 3075
4.0 mm
4.5 mm
5.0 mm
6.0 mm

Size(mm) →
Thickness ↓
1235 x 2455 1295 x 2425 1285 x 2535 1525 x 1745 1605 x 1805 1935 x 2025 1605 x 2365 1535 x 2515 2055 x 2575 1595 x 3115 1905 x 2545 2055 x 3055
8 mm
10 mm
12 mm

Size(mm) →
Thickness ↓
1215 x 2435 1275 x 2405 1265 x 2515 1505 x 1725 1585 x 1785 1915 x 2005 1585 x 2345 1515 x 2495 2035 x 2555 1575 x 3095 1885 x 2525 2035 x 3035
15 mm
18 mm
20 mm

Size(mm) →
Thickness ↓
1185 x 2405 1255 x 2385 1235 x 2485 1475 x 1695 1555 x 1755 1885 x 1975 1555 x 2315 1485 x 2465 2005 x 2525 1325 x 1935 1295 x 1895 1195 x 2475
26 mm      
30 mm                  
35 mm                  
40 mm                  
45 mm                  
50 mm