Aluminum Mirrors

Discover the pinnacle of reflective technology with KUPO Optics' Aluminum Mirrors, meticulously designed for exceptional performance in a multitude of optical applications. These mirrors represent a harmonious blend of high-precision reflectivity and robust durability, ensuring optimal functionality in both standard and demanding environments.
At the heart of our mirrors lies a superior-quality aluminum coating, offering an impressive average reflectance greater than 92% across the visible spectrum. This high reflectivity is critical for applications demanding accurate and vibrant light reflection. The aluminum surface is further enhanced with a protective SiO2 layer, elevating its resistance to abrasion and environmental factors, thus prolonging the mirror's operational life and maintaining its pristine condition.
KUPO Optics commits to unwavering consistency in production, with each mirror meeting the rigorous MIL-M-13508C standards for humidity, adhesion, and abrasion resistance. Whether integrated into bar-code readers for precise scanning, projector systems for enhanced image brightness, or laser scanners for accurate beam direction, these mirrors stand as a testament to KUPO Optics' dedication to quality and innovation. Choose KUPO Optics Aluminum Mirrors for a reflection of excellence in your optical projects. 

The Applications of Aluminum Mirrors

Aluminum mirrors are esteemed in various industries for their durability, excellent reflectivity, and cost-effectiveness. Coated with a layer of aluminum, these mirrors are a preferred choice when robustness and high light reflectance are required. Aluminum mirrors find their place in an array of applications such as telescopes in astronomy, machine vision systems, architectural elements, stage lighting, and even military and aerospace technology. The versatility and reliability of these mirrors make them indispensable components where precision and longevity are paramount.
Telescopes and Astronomy
Within the astronomy sector, aluminum mirrors are integral to the construction of telescopes. The metal's high reflectance in the visible and ultraviolet light spectrums makes it an excellent choice for capturing celestial images. Aluminum’s resistance to oxidation also ensures that telescope mirrors preserve their reflectivity over time, allowing for consistent astronomical observations and research.
Machine Vision
Machine vision systems leverage aluminum mirrors in various capacities, especially in compact or intricate setups where light must be redirected precisely. The high reflectivity of aluminum mirrors enhances system performance by ensuring bright and clear reflections of the subject, allowing for accurate image capture and analysis. This makes them suitable for use in quality control processes in manufacturing, where detailed inspections are critical.
Stage Lighting
In stage and architectural lighting, aluminum mirrors are valued for their ability to direct light efficiently, contributing to the dramatic effects that lighting designers aim to achieve. These mirrors can be utilized in fixtures to bounce light exactly where it is needed, which is particularly useful in creating spotlights or in illuminating specific features while minimizing light loss.
Architectural Applications
Aluminum mirrors are often selected for architectural applications due to their reflectivity and robustness. They are utilized in decorative elements, enhancing the visual space within buildings, or in more functional roles such as solar thermal collectors where their ability to reflect sunlight efficiently is leveraged for energy conservation purposes.
Military and Aerospace
The military and aerospace industries incorporate aluminum mirrors into a variety of optical systems. In these high-stakes fields, the mirrors’ durability and consistent performance are critical. They are involved in navigation systems, targeting devices, and other sophisticated technologies where precision optics are necessary for mission success.
Scientific Instruments
Inside scientific instruments, such as spectrometers or interferometers, aluminum mirrors are essential to direct optical paths with minimal light loss. Their broad spectral range is advantageous for reflecting various wavelengths of light with high fidelity, which is essential for accurate measurement and data analysis in experimental setups.
Laser Systems
Lasers systems, including those used for cutting, engraving, and medical procedures, rely on aluminum mirrors to steer laser beams accurately. Aluminum’s ability to withstand high laser intensities without degrading makes it particularly suitable for directing laser light during precise cutting or engraving processes.
Essentially, aluminum mirrors are key components in a vast array of applications. Their reflective properties coupled with a resistance to corrosion and wear-and-tear make them a mainstay in industries reliant on precise light manipulation. The adaptability and efficiency of aluminum mirrors affirm their status as a valuable asset in technical and creative fields alike.



● Perfect piece-to-piece, batch-to-batch consistency
● Great visible light reflection
● Protected by SiO2 protective layer

Examples of Applications

● Bar-code Reader
● Projector System
● Laser Scanner

General Specification

● Available Substrate: See Glass Substrates under Products Page
● Humidity, Adhesion, and Abrasion: MIL-M-13508C


KUPO Dichroic/ Aluminum Mirrors
KUPO Dichroic/ Aluminum Mirrors