KUPO Hot Mirrors and IR Cut off Filters

- KUPO IR Cut-off filters and hot mirrors features effectively blocking infrared and transmitting much of the visible light.
- Near infrared will damage component which is sensitive to it. After long exposure to infrared, the components will be damaged. In order to protect those components, placing a hot mirror is a perfect solution. 
- On the other hand, infrared can be detected by CCD or CMOS sensor which causes inaccurate camera imaging. Therefore, we must block infrared in order to assure image quality. That is why IR cut-off filter is needed.
- Except the IR filter, KUPO provides various filters that can be applied to entertainment, medical, fluorescence, machine vision, astronomy, defense systems, and other professional applications. 
- There are abundant amount of product stock available for immediate delivery. Our experienced R&D team is capable of supplying customized filters that meet your most demanding requirements. 
- Choose us, and we will be your helpful partner on the path of success.