KUPO Dichroic Filters

KUPO Optics offers dichroic filters that filter out unwanted regions of visible spectrum and let the light of certain wavelength transmit so that you will see different colors when the light passing through the dichroic filter. Our dichroic filter features great color consistency as they are placed on the same horizontal level when being coated. It also features great resistance to environmental degradation as it is coated with Ion Assistant Deposition which makes the thin films firmly attach to glass substrates with great density. There are over 70 colors available which offers flexibility for you to choose the most suitable one for you. For your unique project we are able to develop the required color as well. Except the Dichroic filters, KUPO provides various filters that can be applied to entertainment, medical, fluorescence, machine vision, astronomy, defense systems, and other professional applications. There are abundant amount of product stock available for immediate delivery. Our experienced R&D team is capable of supplying customized filters that meet your most demanding requirements. Choose us, and we will be your helpful partner on the path of success.