KUPO UV Cut off Filters

- KUPO provides UV blocking filter that is good at blocking unneeded UV in order to protect the objects exposed to UV and highly transmitting visible light.
- UV is included in a various light source like sunlight, halogen lamp, fluorescent lamp, and so on. Because of the characteristic of high energy, it will damage the object that is exposed to UV continuously. For example the art works illuminated by the light source or the coating of the camera lens exposed to sunlight.
- Except the UV filter, KUPO also provides many different filters that can be applied to entertainment, medical, fluorescence, machine vision, astronomy, defense systems, and more. 
- There are abundant amount of stock products that can be offered immediately. Moreover, our experienced developing team can also provide customized filters that meet your most demanding requirements. 
- Choose us, and we will be your helpful partner on the path of success.