About us

KUPO Optics was founded in 1992, aiming at offering the finest quality of optical coatings and filters. Thanks to uncompromising to the product criteria, we have been established an excellent reputation in professional optical filter industry.


RGB Filters & Mirrors

KUPO Optics provides R/G/B filter that is able to divide those primary colors from the light source. For some specific optical instruments that require dividing R/G/B light, using this kind of filter is a very common and efficient solution.
On the other hand, the R/G/B reflection mirrors are designed for specific requirement of reflecting certain primary colors and let other colors go through.


Borofloat Glass

● Divide / Reflect R.G.B Light

Examples of Applications

● Optical Instrument
● Projector System

General Specification

● Available Substrate: See Glass Substrates under Products Page
● Humidity, Adhesion, and Abrasion: MIL-M-13508C


KUPO Dichroic/ RGB Filters & Mirrors
KUPO Dichroic/ RGB Filters & Mirrors

Optical Specification (Transmission Filter AOI 45°)


Blue Transmission Filter

400~465nm Tavg > 94.5%
505~670nm Tavg<1.5%

Green Transmission Filter

420~470nm Tavg<2.5%
500~585nm Tavg>95%
625~680nm Tavg<1.0%

Red Transmission Filter

420~560nm Tavg<3%
600~680nm Tavg>95%


KUPO Dichroic/ RGB Filters & Mirrors

Optical Specification (Reflection Filter AOI 45°):


Blue Reflection Filter

420~470nm Tavg<2%
500~670nm Tavg>95%

Green Reflection Filter

420~460nm Tavg>94.5%
500~580nm Tavg<1%
625~670nm Tavg>95%

Red Reflection Filter

420~560nm Tavg>95%
610~680nm Tavg<1%


KUPO Dichroic/ RGB Filters & Mirrors