About us

Since our inception in 1992, KUPO Optics has been at the forefront of the optical coatings and filters industry. With a steadfast commitment to quality, we've carved out a distinguished reputation, providing top-tier optical solutions. Our focus on maintaining high standards has positioned us as a leader in the professional optical filter market, catering to a diverse range of industries with unmatched expertise and precision.

State-of-the-art Facilities

Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our investment in cutting-edge production technology. Our arsenal includes advanced planetary coating machines, precise linear and laser cutting tools, and high-resolution spectrometers. This sophisticated equipment enables us to craft filters and coatings with exceptional accuracy and consistency, ensuring each product meets our stringent quality benchmarks.


Wide Range Applications

KUPO Optics' products find their application across a vast array of fields. We cater to sectors as diverse as medical and fluorescence imaging, machine vision, astronomy, defense systems, and entertainment. Our optical filters and coatings are integral in enhancing the performance and functionality of various devices and systems in these industries.


Flexibility and Customization

We understand the urgency and unique requirements of our clients. Our extensive inventory is poised to fulfill rush orders, demonstrating our commitment to responsive service. Furthermore, our seasoned R&D team is adept at developing bespoke filters tailored to meet the most exacting specifications, providing solutions that align perfectly with client needs.


KUPO Dichroic Filter

At KUPO Optics, the precision and consistency of our optical filters are a testament to our advanced coating chambers equipped with planetary revolution and Ion Assistant Deposition (IAD) technology. Adhering to MIL-M-13508C standards, our rigorous manufacturing process ensures each filter withstands environmental challenges, including abrasion, humidity, and flaking. Our commitment to quality is further solidified by our adherence to ISO 9001 standards, guaranteeing uniformity in all our products.
Our relentless pursuit of innovation is grounded in continuous research and development. We are dedicated to exploring new possibilities in optical solutions, striving to exceed expectations in both product quality and customer service. At KUPO Optics, your satisfaction is our priority. We welcome your inquiries and are committed to providing prompt and comprehensive responses to all your needs.


Bandpass Filters

Elevate your optical systems with KUPO Optics' Bandpass Filters, the quintessence of precision and efficiency in spectral filtering. These filters, utilizing advanced dielectric thin-film technology, are engineered to transmit light at specific, narrow wavelength bands while adeptly blocking undesired radiation. The result is a crystal-clear focus on the necessary spectral range, making these filters an indispensable tool in precision optics.
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our bandpass filters boast an impressive array of wavelength options, including 365nm, 650nm, 780nm, 850nm, and 940nm. This selection caters to a wide spectrum of needs in optical inspection and detection, providing unparalleled specificity in wavelength transmission. The consistency in manufacturing, upheld from piece to piece and batch to batch, ensures reliable integration into systems requiring uniform optical characteristics. This uniformity is a hallmark of KUPO Optics’ commitment to quality.
Designed to meet the rigorous MIL-M-13508C standards for humidity, adhesion, and abrasion resistance, these filters promise durability even in challenging environments. Whether integrated into machine vision systems, enhancing the sensitivity of image sensors, or used in automated optical inspection, KUPO Optics' Bandpass Filters are the ideal solution for applications demanding precision and reliability. For custom wavelength requirements, our team is ready to develop tailored solutions to meet your unique optical challenges.

The Applications of Bandpass Filters

Bandpass filters are crucial optical elements designed to transmit light within a certain wavelength range while blocking light from outside that range. They are employed in a myriad of applications across diverse fields, enhancing system performance by providing precise control over the light that reaches the sensors or is emitted by a source. Their ability to filter specific bands of the light spectrum finds relevance in areas such as photography, machine vision, medical imaging, telecommunications, and beyond, where they are integral to accuracy, clarity, and efficiency in process and analysis.
In photography, bandpass filters are used to capture images at specific wavelengths, which can bring out details not visible in full-spectrum light. This is particularly useful in astrophotography, where filters that allow only the light from hydrogen-alpha or other emission lines to pass can reveal intricate details of nebulae or solar prominences. For infrared photography, bandpass filters enable the capture of atmospheric effects and heat signatures that are invisible to the naked eye.
Machine Vision
Machine vision systems greatly benefit from bandpass filters in industrial applications. These filters are employed to enhance contrast or discriminate features based on spectral reflectance or emission. In automated inspection, sorting systems, and barcode reading, bandpass filters allow for the accurate recognition of colors, patterns, and markers under varied lighting conditions, leading to improved speed and precision in manufacturing and quality control processes.
Medical Imaging
Bandpass filters are instrumental in medical imaging devices such as fluorescence microscopes and endoscopic systems. They selectively transmit the excitation and emission wavelengths needed to visualize specific fluorescent stains or markers within biological tissues, thereby improving the contrast and detail of the images. This specificity is critical for accurate diagnostics, research, and surgical guidance.
In the realm of telecommunications, bandpass filters are used in fiber optic systems for wavelength division multiplexing. They filter and isolate specific channels within a broad spectrum of light, allowing multiple signals to travel simultaneously over a single fiber. This multiplexing increases the data transmission capacity, enhancing the efficiency of communication networks.
Astronomers employ bandpass filters to study celestial objects at particular wavelengths, which can reveal different aspects of their composition or behavior. Filters that isolate the light from specific chemical elements help astronomers determine the abundance of those elements in stars and galaxies. Bandpass filters also reduce the effects of light pollution, allowing for clearer observations from ground-based telescopes.
Environmental Monitoring
For environmental monitoring, bandpass filters are used in sensors and instruments to detect the presence of gases or pollutants through their spectral signatures. These filters enable selective sensitivity to the wavelengths associated with particular compounds, facilitating their detection even in trace amounts, which is vital for air quality monitoring and other environmental assessments.
Stage Lighting
Stage lighting incorporates bandpass filters to create mood and atmosphere in theater productions and live events. By controlling the wavelengths of light that reach the audience, lighting designers can enhance the vibrancy of colors and the visual immersion of a scene, allowing for striking visual storytelling.
Security and Surveillance
Security and surveillance systems use bandpass filters for more effective operation of cameras in variable lighting. These filters can enhance the contrast of images captured in bright daylight or improve the visibility of specific objects by filtering out unwanted wavelengths, contributing to better recognition and identification in video footage.
These diverse applications illustrate the expansive scope and potential of bandpass filters in refining and enhancing optical systems. By selectively transmitting distinct bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, bandpass filters prove their significance in achieving high-fidelity results in various industries, making them invaluable components in the continued advancement of technology.
KUPO Dichroic/ Bandpass Filters


● Perfect piece-to-piece, batch-to-batch consistency
● Great transmission of the required radiation
● Great blocking of unwanted radiation

Examples of Applications

● Machine Vision
● Image Sensor
● Automated Optical Inspection

General Specification

● Available Substrate: See Glass Substrates under Products Page
● Humidity, Adhesion, and Abrasion: MIL-M-13508C
KUPO Dichroic/ Bandpass Filters

Bandpass Filters 365nm

KUPO Dichroic/ Bandpass Filters

Optical Specification

Bandpass 365nm:
300~320nm Tavg<1%
340~370nm Tavg>80%
400~700nm Tavg<1%

Bandpass Filters 650nm

KUPO Dichroic/ Bandpass Filters

Optical Specification

Bandpass 650nm:
400~550nm Tavg<3%
620~670nm Tavg>90%
710~800nm Tavg<3%

Bandpass Filters 780nm

KUPO Dichroic/ Bandpass Filters

Optical Specification

Bandpass 780nm:
400~740nm Tavg<1%
775~785nm Tavg>85%
820~1100nm Tavg<1.5%

Bandpass Filters 850nm

KUPO Dichroic/ Bandpass Filters

Optical Specification

Bandpass 850nm:
400~760nm Tavg<2%
840~860nm Tavg>90%
920~1100nm Tavg<2%

Bandpass Filters 940nm

KUPO Dichroic/ Bandpass Filters

Optical Specification

Bandpass 940nm:
400~830nm Tavg<1%
930~950nm Tavg>90%
1050~1100nm Tavg<2%