About us

Since our inception in 1992, KUPO Optics has been at the forefront of the optical coatings and filters industry. With a steadfast commitment to quality, we've carved out a distinguished reputation, providing top-tier optical solutions. Our focus on maintaining high standards has positioned us as a leader in the professional optical filter market, catering to a diverse range of industries with unmatched expertise and precision.

State-of-the-art Facilities

Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our investment in cutting-edge production technology. Our arsenal includes advanced planetary coating machines, precise linear and laser cutting tools, and high-resolution spectrometers. This sophisticated equipment enables us to craft filters and coatings with exceptional accuracy and consistency, ensuring each product meets our stringent quality benchmarks.


Wide Range Applications

KUPO Optics' products find their application across a vast array of fields. We cater to sectors as diverse as medical and fluorescence imaging, machine vision, astronomy, defense systems, and entertainment. Our optical filters and coatings are integral in enhancing the performance and functionality of various devices and systems in these industries.


Flexibility and Customization

We understand the urgency and unique requirements of our clients. Our extensive inventory is poised to fulfill rush orders, demonstrating our commitment to responsive service. Furthermore, our seasoned R&D team is adept at developing bespoke filters tailored to meet the most exacting specifications, providing solutions that align perfectly with client needs.


KUPO Dichroic Filter

At KUPO Optics, the precision and consistency of our optical filters are a testament to our advanced coating chambers equipped with planetary revolution and Ion Assistant Deposition (IAD) technology. Adhering to MIL-M-13508C standards, our rigorous manufacturing process ensures each filter withstands environmental challenges, including abrasion, humidity, and flaking. Our commitment to quality is further solidified by our adherence to ISO 9001 standards, guaranteeing uniformity in all our products.
Our relentless pursuit of innovation is grounded in continuous research and development. We are dedicated to exploring new possibilities in optical solutions, striving to exceed expectations in both product quality and customer service. At KUPO Optics, your satisfaction is our priority. We welcome your inquiries and are committed to providing prompt and comprehensive responses to all your needs.


Anti-Reflection Coatings

KUPO Optics introduces its state-of-the-art Anti-Reflection (AR) Coatings, expertly designed to revolutionize the clarity and visibility across various optical applications. At the heart of these coatings lies a commitment to reducing glare and enhancing light transmission on glass surfaces. The product line features two distinctive options: Single Side Coated and Double Side Coated AR layers. The Single Side Coated variant is not only economical but also multifunctional, significantly improving the transmission of visible light when applied to specific filters such as UV cut filters or beam splitters. This makes it an ideal choice for applications requiring cost-efficiency without compromising on quality.
The Double Side Coated option, however, elevates the performance to new heights, boasting an average transmission rate of over 98%. This exceptional feature is particularly beneficial for high-precision applications where every ray of light matters, such as in cameras, binoculars, microscopes, and LCD modules. Adhering to rigorous MIL-M-13508C standards, each coating ensures remarkable durability and resistance to environmental factors. Whether for professional or consumer use, KUPO's AR coatings guarantee enhanced visibility, reduced glare, and a consistent, high-quality optical experience, making them an indispensable tool in a wide range of industries. 

The Applications of Anti-Reflection Coatings

Anti-reflection (AR) coatings are a staple in optical technology, applied to surfaces to minimize reflection and maximize transmission of light through them. This seemingly straightforward function has profound implications across various industries, improving visibility, reducing glare, and enhancing the performance of optical systems. From consumer electronics to scientific instruments, AR coatings are ubiquitous, offering essential benefits wherever clear and efficient light transmission is a priority.
Eyewear and Optometry
In the eyewear industry, AR coatings are frequently applied to spectacle lenses to reduce glare, particularly from computer screens and while driving at night. This improves the wearer's comfort and visual acuity. AR coatings are also used in optometry for diagnostic equipment, allowing eye care professionals to obtain clearer diagnostic images and perform more accurate vision assessments.
Machine Vision
AR coatings are crucial in machine vision for reducing reflections that can lead to errors in image capture and analysis. They increase the light transmission through lenses and protective windows, ensuring that algorithms receive accurate visual data. This is particularly important for high-speed imaging, metrology, and any application where precise imaging is key to quality control and operational decision-making.
Stage Lighting
AR coatings are applied to stage lighting fixtures and components to manage the reflection and transmission of light strategically. By reducing unwanted glare and reflections from lighting instruments, AR coatings contribute to the clarity and quality of the light projected onto performers, enhancing the overall production's visual experience.
Photography and Cinematography
Photographers and cinematographers rely on AR coatings for lenses, filters, and camera components to decrease lens flare and ghosting, resulting in clearer and more vibrant images. In cinematography, lenses equipped with AR coatings are indispensable, especially when working with complex lighting setups, as they help capture scenes as intended without the distraction of reflections.
Consumer Electronics
The screens of smartphones, tablets, and other digital displays are treated with AR coatings to minimize reflections from external light sources and reduce strain on the eyes. This improves the visibility of the screen content in various lighting conditions and contributes to a more comfortable viewing experience.
Solar Panels
For solar energy systems, AR coatings are applied to solar panels to increase the amount of light absorbed and decrease the reflection of valuable sunlight. This boosts the efficiency of the panels, allowing for more power generation and better overall performance of the solar power system.
Aerospace and Defense
In aerospace and defense, AR coatings are used on the cockpit and instrument displays, optical sensors, and camera systems to enhance visibility and reliability. AR coatings must withstand challenging conditions such as extreme light exposures, ensuring that pilots and equipment can function with maximum efficacy.
Scientific Instruments
Scientific research often employs sophisticated optical instruments like microscopes, telescopes, spectrophotometers, and lasers that require maximum light transmission for accurate measurements. AR coatings on lenses and optical components of these instruments allow scientists to capture detailed observations and conduct experiments with reduced loss of signal due to reflection.
Automotive Industry
The automotive sector implements AR coatings on dashboard displays, infotainment screens, and windshields to improve both in-car visibility and safety. Reducing glare from sunlight and oncoming headlights allows drivers to maintain better situational awareness and reduces the risk of accidents caused by poor visibility.
Anti-reflection coatings are a silent workhorse in both mundane and high-tech applications, providing clearer vision and more efficient light management. Be it enhancing the user experience in personal devices or contributing to safety and precision in specialized equipment, AR coatings continue to serve an indispensable role in optimizing optical performance across industries. As technology continues to advance, the value and application of AR coatings will likely grow, further asserting their significance in the future of light-based technology.

KUPO Dichroic/ Anti Reflection Coatings


● Perfect piece-to-piece, batch-to-batch consistency
● Excellent visible light transmission
● Greatly reduce visible light reflection

Examples of Applications

● Camera
● Binocular
● Microscope
● Telescope
● LCD Module
● Display Panel
● Gauge
● Smartphone

General Specification

● Available Substrate: See Glass Substrates under Products Page
● Humidity, Adhesion, and Abrasion: MIL-M-13508C

KUPO Dichroic/ Anti Reflection Coatings

Optical Specification(Single Side Coated)

420~680nm Tavg>94% ; Tmin>93%

KUPO Dichroic/ Anti Reflection Coatings

Optical Specification (Both Side Coated)

420~680nm Tavg>98% ; Tmin>97%