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Hot Mirror (Heat Reflection Filter)

UV would destroy the liquid crystal and crisp the plastic parts. IR would cause high thermal energy in the optical engine. Hot mirror is a very good solution to protect the optical or electronic components from damage by reflecting the heat back to the light source. It is designed to minimize the infrared wavelength of spectrum and control specific UV wavelengths while transmitting the visible light.
(1) Standard rejection zone¡G
Hot Mirror-1
Standard Spectral Characteristics
420~700nm Tavg>85%
750~1100nm Tavg<1%
Features :
High infrared energy reflection
Block the near UV energy
Excellent visible light transmission

Applications :
Medical Illumination
Art Gallery
Architectural Lighting
Fiber Optic Lighting
(2) Narrow rejection zone¡G
Hot Mirror-2
Standard Spectral Characteristics
300~390nm Tavg<0.2%
450~680nm Tavg>96%¡FTmin>91%
750~900nm Tavg<1%¡FTabs<5%
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Hot Mirror-3
Technical Specification
Humidity, Adhesion, and Abrasion Resistance is based on MIL-M-13508C regulations.
Custom Design Flexibility
Kupo's experienced engineers are available to customize the filter based on the specs you require.
Any request of a specified size and shape is welcome.
Please contact Kupo for further information!