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Color Correction Filters

Kupo Color Correction Series is used in applications to change the color temperature of various light sources.
These are commonly used in stage, entertainment, fashion and accent lighting. The subtle and less saturated
tone is also ideal for outdoor and indoor architectural lighting fixtures.
Daylight Conversion Tungsten Conversion
CTO-001 Full C.T.O. T70%=638+/-5nm
Converts 5500°K daylight to 2800°K
CTB-001 Full C.T.B. T50%=520+/-5nm
Converts 3200°K to daylight
CTO-002 Half C.T.O. T50%=550+/-5nm
Converts 5500°K daylight to 3800°K
CTB-002 Half C.T.B. T70%=467+/-5nm
Boosts 3200°K sources to 4200°K
CTO-003 Quarter C.T.O. T60%=530+/-5nm
Converts 5500°K daylight to 4500°K
CTB-003 Quarter C.T.B. T70%=507+/-5nm
Boosts 3200°K sources to 3600°K
CTO-008 T50%=568+/-5nm CTB-004 T50%=530+/-5nm
CTO-009 T70%=550+/-10nm See Glass Substrates Here
CTO-010 T50%=550+/-5nm
Technical Specification
Humidity, Adhesion, and Abrasion Resistance is based on MIL-M-13508C regulations.
Custom Design Flexibility
Kupo's experienced engineers are available to customize the filter based on the specs you require.
Any request of a specified size and shape is welcome.
Please contact Kupo for further information!