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AR filters are used to reduce glare and reflection. They improve the brightness of transmitted images or light beams to reach the final target of a minimum loss at visible wavelength. Kupo provides its AR filters by different manufacturing approaches, vacuum evaporation & Sol-Gel dipping, for the best use of your specific applicationsˇG
(1) Vacuum EvaporationˇG
Anti-Reflective Filter-1
Standard CharacteristicsˇG
420~680nm Tavg>98%; Tmin>97%

High visible light transmission
Reduce visible light reflection
Astronomy instruments such as cameras, binoculars, microscopes, telescopes etc.
Other applications like LCD modules, display panels,
gauges, military and medical scopes.
Mobile telephones and PDA are also very popular
consumer applications.
(Both-side AR coating)  
Anti-Reflective Filter-2
Standard CharacteristicsˇG
420~680nm Tavg>94%; Tmin>93%
(One-Side AR coating)
(2) Sol-Gel DippingˇG
Anti-Reflective Filter-3
Standard characteristicsˇG
400~700nm TavgˇŮ96%, RavgˇŘ2%
(Both-Side AR coating, V-Type)
Anti-Reflective Filter-4 Anti-Reflective Filter-5
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Technical Specification
Humidity, Adhesion, and Abrasion Resistance is based on MIL-M-13508C regulations.
Custom Design Flexibility
Kupo’s experienced engineers are available to customize the filter based on the specs you require.
Any request of a specified size and shape is welcome.
Please contact Kupo for further information!