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RGB Filter

When it comes to divide the R/G/B light from the visible light range for some specific optical instruments, the technique of R/G/B filter is a very common and efficient solution. It can produce various colors and keep the extreme permeability at the same time.
RGB Filter-1 Features :
Divide the R/G/B light
Produce various colors
Keep extreme color permeability
Optical Instruments
Projection Display System
Standard Characteristics¡G
RED 605~700nm Tavg>96%, Tabs>92%
  400~482nm Tavg<0.5%, Tabs<2%
Slop (T=10%~90%)<18nm
GREEN 515~555nm Tavg>95%, Tabs>91%
  583~720nm Tavg>0.5%, Tabs<2%
400~485nm Tavg<0.5%, Tabs<2%
T50%= 500+/-5nm, 570+/-5nm
BLUE 430~475nm Tavg>95%, Tabs>92%
  503~600nm Tavg<0.5%, Tabs<2%
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RGB Filter-2

Technical Specification
Humidity, Adhesion, and Abrasion Resistance is based on ML-13508C regulations.
Custom Design Flexibility
Kupo's experienced engineers are available to customize the filter based on the specs you require.
Any request of a specified size and shape is welcome.
Please contact Kupo for further information!